“For several years, MLC’s access and advocacy at the Capitol and their expert counsel has been invaluable in getting our collective voice heard in Lansing when it comes to the complex matters of commercial building management. Since we don’t have the internal resources to dedicate in Lansing, MLC navigates the landscape for us and allows us to focus on our members and day-to-day operations.”

Janet Langlois, Executive Director, BOMA/Metro Detroit

“When the pandemic struck, The Huntington Group’s companies faced closure under the governor’s orders just like many other businesses. MLC provided immediate access to key decision makers to help tell our story. Within days, our businesses -laundry and emergency restoration services- were deemed critical and allowed to remain open.”

Wayne Wudyka, President, The Huntington Group

“MLC was able to help us better understand the local political landscape and open doors we didn’t previously have. As a result, we were able to find constructive solutions to the concerns raised about our project.”

Iddo Schwartz, Capital S Investments

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