We thrive on immersing ourselves in the challenges you face and getting your needs on the agenda of the decision makers. Anyone can build relationships. MLC builds influence.

From developing legislative and regulatory policy, to building relationships, to legislative advocacy on your behalf, let MLC drive your agenda to success in Lansing and throughout Michigan. We can also help you with business development opportunities. Our Michigan procurement experts can advise you on how best to navigate the maze of the public procurement process. We have the institutional knowledge you need to be successful.

Regulatory Advocacy

Administrative powers and rule changes can be the hidden powers of government, yet can impact an industry and business as much as a statute.

Building & Managing Relationships

We’re constantly in and around the Capitol nurturing existing relationships and developing new alliances in an effort to accomplish your goals.

Legislative & Executive Advocacy

Our efforts are widely recognized as being clear, concise and effective – and that’s exactly what you can expect from the MLC team.

Strategy Solutions

Spending time around government, you know it isn’t built for efficiency, which is why MLC works from the ground up to craft your strategic plan.

Speakers Bureau

Communication is at the core of everything we do. MLC’s experts are well-versed in the legislative and procurement topics affecting your business.

Procurement & Business Development

MLC has a stellar track record of providing business development consulting to its clients.

Local Government Consulting

For some industries, policy issues straddle state and local jurisdiction authority or at times, land squarely under the control of local government.

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MLC is proud to be the Michigan member of NASL