A single decision made at the Capitol can change the entire landscape of your industry – or direction of your business. Our attentive, proactive approach to your business objectives is rooted in our drive to help you succeed.

The MLC Team

As the oldest lobbying firm in Michigan, we are built on a strong foundation of trust and guided by a drive to help our clients succeed. In the more than 55 years since we opened our doors, we have been growing a strong team of successful, driven, experienced professionals. Let us be your voice.

At MLC, we take pride in our stellar reputation and ensure our actions and words on your behalf project that same professional and positive reputation throughout the Capitol. Some of the most respected companies in America have put their trust in MLC. We have clients that have been with us since we first opened our doors and over 55 years later continue to place their confidence in us.

Our business practices are designed to ensure a low client-to-lobbyist ratio, allowing us to provide superior service to you. We also use a team approach, putting the century and a half of combined experience our team has in the legislature, executive office, and state departments to work for you. Our team-centered, bipartisan approach ensures we have thoroughly analyzed each step of our strategy to help you be successful.

As a top lobbying firm, we’ve successfully lobbied for thousands of pieces of legislation and helped clients win more than $500 million in State of Michigan procurement business opportunities with the state. These outcomes are drawn from a deep collaboration with our clients because, at Michigan Legislative Consultants, we fully believe that success begins with you.

When you trust in us, you win.

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MLC is proud to be the Michigan member of NASL