Our clients trust the people who fight for their business and at MLC we are the best in the business at legislative advocacy and government consulting. The MLC team brings nearly a century and a half of experience ensuring no stone is left unturned and nothing is left to chance. We purposefully take the time to thoroughly understand your issue, to position you for success, just like we did for our clients below.

Protecting the Soft Drink and Food Industries from Targeted Tax

Across the country, local governments had instituted a tax on sweetened beverages and food. Where this tax has been imposed, communities encountered numerous negative effects on consumers, employees, and businesses.

Adoption and Foster Process

Changing the Adoption and Foster Process

An education gap existed within Michigan regarding the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 (ICWA). The act was established at the federal level and was to be cascaded to the state level in cases of foster and adoption of Indian children.

Increasing Provider Rates for Private Duty Nurses

In 2015, a healthcare industry group turned to MLC to provide guidance and strategy on increasing the provider rates for nurses that provide in-home care for Private Duty Nursing (PDN) agencies for children with chronic physical conditions.

Helping Graduation Alliance Establish State Law

Graduation Alliance offers drop-out high school students an alternative to finish their education and allow them to be more employable in the future. Graduation Alliance provides technology, educational programming, and social support to each student, typically funded by their original school district.

MLC Contributes Growth Opportunity For MSA

The Michigan Spirits Association was the target of a potential initiative to increase taxes on spirits products, as the state sought out new revenue streams. In order for the industry to prevent a tax increase, MSA turned to MLC to help develop a strategy to create revenue for the state by increasing sales and negate the need for a tax increase.

Managing Michigan Water Quality Association

The Michigan Water Quality Association (MWQA) needed help. When working with other entities, the same issue always emerged: a lack of attentiveness and consistency. Constantly changing points-of-contact left members unsure of who to call when needed and the group began losing members quickly.

Strategic Counsel Helps Win State Contracts

Procurement opportunities in the state are often complicated to navigate, requiring expertise and attention to the smallest nuances in strategy and language development. In the case of one organization, successfully securing a healthcare contract had the potential to greatly increase the company’s revenue.

Protecting Roadway Fundraising (Updated)

The Lions of Michigan have raised millions of dollars through roadway fundraising for decades, known as the White Cane Fundraiser. This program was abruptly ended after a 2016 Attorney General ruling declared these efforts illegal.

Health Care Taxation Reform

Erickson Living is a developer and operator of full-service, campus-style senior retirement living communities. Today, Erickson operates 18 communities in 10 states, including Fox Run in Novi, Michigan, which serves over 1,000 residents, making it a very large location for the company.

400 New Jobs For Challenged Residents

When Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, a non-profit organization providing employment and education opportunities to Metro Detroiters, needed help adjusting legislation in favor of expanding a successful recycling program, it turned to MLC for assistance to get the job done effectively.

Incentivizing New Job Growth (Updated)

The Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) is an association made up of the 28 Michigan public community colleges whose mission is to provide leadership on issues affecting member colleges.

MLC Saves Satellite TV Millions

MLC teams up with DISH and DIRECTV to fight for the exclusion of television services from state-level paid services taxation.

Changing Budget Bill Language For DBI

DBI is a Lansing-based office supply, furniture and design dealer that has long supplied and supported furniture to the State of Michigan. Then a budget bill was introduced with language limiting the state’s ability to purchase furniture, a significant threat to DBI’s business.

Overcoming Local Government Challenges

Capitol S Investments spent millions of dollars and numerous hours working to get approval of a condominium project in Ann Arbor. Despite making concessions and changes to the original project, they were unable to get approval from the local zoning board and city council.

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