Five Things We’re Reading

Sep 12, 2023

by Liz Gullett

As MLC’s Communications and Social Media Manager, Liz Gullett keeps clients informed and up-to-date on the goings on in Lansing and the Capitol.

Below are some of the articles that the MLC lobby team has been reading this past week. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we do.

Inventor Fionn Ferreira Has a Plan to Extract Plastic From the Oceans – A young inventor is hoping his idea will revolutionize the way we remove microplastics from water.

Tech Billionaires Want to Build A New City in California. We Talked to the Entrepreneur Behind the Plan – There is a major housing crisis in the Bay area. Is building a new, highly walkable city the solution, or should investment go into existing communities?

5 Ways to Actually Move Forward on That Task You’ve Been Avoiding – Suffering from procrastination is a common occurrence we all face. Here are some easy ways to move past that and complete the essential tasks on your to-do list.

Summer Storms Can Strike Suddenly. Here’s What Causes Them. – Why do warmer temps during the summer create storms and how will climate change impact that?

How Houston Cut Its Homeless Population by Nearly Two-Thirds – How did the city partner with nonprofits to massively reduce its homeless population?

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Five Things We’re Reading

Five Things We’re Reading

Below are some articles the MLC lobby team has been reading this past week. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we do. 7 Ways to Weave Mindfulness into Your Workday – If you can’t devote one portion of time in your day to practice mindfulness, you...

Primary Election Overview: 44th District

Primary Election Overview: 44th District

Through the primary election on August 6, we will highlight races for which the primary is the key race due to the voter base. The candidate’s website, professional information, and a sample of known endorsements are listed when available. District Overview The 44th...

Last Week on the MLC Blog

Last Week on the MLC Blog

Over the past week, we covered these topics on the MLC Blog… In the latest in our spotlight series, we highlighted Representative Jim Haadsma, chair of the Labor Committee. Four weeks ahead of Michigan’s primary race, over 1.5 million voters have requested an absentee...

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