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Five Things We’re Reading

Jun 12, 2018

Below are some of the articles that the MLC lobby team has been reading this past week. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we do.

Political Humor – When you’ve had enough of serious politics and just want to see the humor in it all. 

Why This State Thinks Engineers Can Save Pedestrians’ Lives – The number of pedestrians killed each year continues to rise, why are deaths increasing and how are states responding?

Tips for Coping with Political Anxiety – As anxiety around politics and our politicians continues to rise, what can you do to help yourself work through those anxieties?

Nike Pitchman Ronaldo Creates $216M In Value for Adidas; Messi Sends $111M Back to Nike – Two of the top players in their sport have massive influence on consumers, thus increasing their worth to companies, especially on social media.

These Smarter Stoplights Could Be Lifesavers – Detroit is revamping how stoplights are used to ensure safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and ambulances at intersections.

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