Finding Consistency, In an Inconsistent Job

Nov 29, 2023

by Matt Sowash

As a lobbyist for MLC, Matt’s extensive campaign experience brings a ‘never quit’ energy to his work for all our clients.

There’s a plethora of documentaries following athletes as they provide viewers with a “day in their life”. While they each look different there is one commonality, each athlete has a consistent routine. You’ll hear them say, I wake up at the same time every day, eat the same thing at the same time every day, and go to sleep and wake up again and repeat. The athletes try to create as much consistency as possible regardless of whether they are at home or traveling to a road game.

As a multi-client lobbyist, I often watch those documentaries and chuckle to myself as the only consistency in my day-to-day work life is, that there is little to no consistency. However, there are four main focuses that are staples to most of my days:

    1. Strategic Planning – At MLC we engage in a systematic process to develop a robust strategic plan that focuses our decisions and allocates resources to pursue the client’s long-term goals and objectives. This strategic plan is the cornerstone of our engagement and is something that is done to help focus and execute our day-to-day engagement.
    2. Active Bill Monitoring and Engagement – We are the front line for our clients on legislation that is before the Michigan Legislature. This means being engaged every day, monitoring bills through the entire process of introduction to final passage. 
    3. Relationship Development – Building relationships takes a lot of intentionality and time. I prioritize building relationships with legislators, key staff, and other key decision-makers in state government every day. Those interactions are fundamental to growing and developing a strong relationship with anyone and can focus on anything from work to family or sports.
    4. Client Communication – Gathering and collecting information is only the first step, making sure that information is passed along to clients and the appropriate decision-makers is vital and something that is a key aspect of my every day. 

While these may be my only consistencies throughout the workday, they are ever-present for a reason. They help ensure we are putting our clients in the best position possible for success.

Michigan Legislative Consultants is a bipartisan lobbying firm based in Lansing, Michigan. Our team of lobbyists and procurement specialists provide a wide range of services for some of the most respected companies in America. For more on MLC, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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