Take risks!

Aug 2, 2023

by Matt Sowash

As a lobbyist for MLC, Matt’s extensive campaign experience brings a ‘never quit’ energy to his work for all our clients.

Throughout graduation season our lobby team is sharing advice they would give new recent college graduates as they’re embarking on their careers.

As the parent of two young kids, Madelyn who is 6, and Henry, or HANK as I call him who is 4, it seems like most of my time is spent saying things like: “Be Careful!”, “Watch what you’re doing”, “Don’t jump off that ledge” or something similar. At the core of each of those statements is a message of “the risk is not worth the reward”. Jumping off the top of the twisty slide at the park and the fun that may come with it may not be greater than the potential of breaking a bone.

Despite my regular warnings to my kids, taking risks is a key component of success. Willingness to take risks and challenge yourself to do something that is difficult, where the outcome does not have certainty of success, can help you grow professionally and personally through life.

Now, here come the “buts”:

    1. Risk-taking does not mean being careless. It requires taking calculated, well-thought-out action. The outcome just may not be certain.
    2. Know your limits. Whether it’s financial, workload, or physical, know when the risk is too much.
    3. Be prepared for failures and setbacks. Often the greatest growth you can see is from perceived failures. Use those as springboards, not an anchor.

Finally, here are a few additional keys to success I have tried to build into my life:

    1. Technology is your friend, but it is not a silver bullet.
    2. Develop real relationships with people that last and withstand time.
    3. Practice the art of communication, both verbal and written.
    4. Be honest, trustworthy, and loyal.
    5. Master the small things so you can be entrusted with big things.

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