A Year of Relationship Building

Mar 6, 2024

Tony Des Chenes

by Tony Des Chenes

Tony’s intricate knowledge of the state’s procurement system, and ability to identify and pursue business opportunities, is a market differentiator MLC.

A new year is usually a time for making resolutions and setting goals.  We just finished the first month of 2024 and realized I had not set any goals or resolutions.  To be honest, I am not one for setting resolutions or goals at the beginning of the year because how do I know what will develop within twelve months?  Also, sometimes goals are set by significant life milestones during a year. For instance, when I turned 50, my goal was to fly in a glider.  I achieved that goal, with an unforgettable experience.

I’m approaching this year with a sense of what is next in life. Work is a major part of our lives; we spend just as much if not more, time with the people we work with than our family.  I work in the relationship business, however most of those relationships are based on issues or projects at a particular time and place.  While these are great, they won’t be relationships that will carry on as I move through my personal life.  With that in mind, my goal this year is to build on the relationships that will enhance not only my personal life but allow me to grow as a professional.

Someone pointed out to me a very important point, in your life do you have seven people that you can call at three in the morning, and they will be there for you?  That got me thinking about growing these relationships, by increasing my outreach and asking more about how they are or what they are doing versus my own experiences.  How does this help me professionally as well?  It will help me develop a focus on the individuals that are in front of me every day and some of those that we only see as part of our daily routine of work.

As I start this journey, I hope to create a more introspective and curious person in myself and to provide support and joy to those around me.

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