Michigan Legislative Consultants
Speakers Bureau

Communicating is at the core of everything we do. MLC’s experts are well-versed in the legislative and procurement topics affecting your industry and are available to share valuable insights on the political landscape at your executive and board meetings, PAC conferences and special events.

Let us know what you’d like to hear about. Chances are, we’ve experienced it and have a great story to tell.

Topical Expertise


Sean Mann
How Michigan's Local Governments Work and Their Relationship with Lansing
The Vital Role of Urban Areas in Michigan’s Future
Understanding Michigan’s Transportation System and Policies
The Importance of International Affairs and the Global Economy to Michigan


Cami Pendell
Legislative Process/Parliamentary Procedure
Michigan's Legislature: Pre and Post Term Limits
Legislative Leadership: The Puzzle Masters Putting the Pieces in Place
Association Lobbying 101
Crafting Lobbying and Messaging Materials


Brendan Ringlever
How Legislative Leadership Makes Decisions
Making the Rules to the Game – Why Your Industry Needs a Voice in Lansing and How Relationships Influence Outcomes
Developing Networks and Business Leads Abroad
Orientation of New State Legislators:  What They Are Told During Training – and How it Can Help You



Tony Des Chenes
How to Navigate the State Procurement Process
Identifying Business Opportunities in the Public Sector
Understanding the Difference Between Public and Private Sector Procurement


Tim Ward
Campaigning & Governing, Parallels & Perils
The Effective Roles of Special Interests & Why Everyone is One
Elements of a Successful Strategic Government Affairs Plan