Regulatory Advocacy

Administrative powers and rule changes can be the hidden powers of government, yet can still impact an industry or business as much as a statute.

MLC has effectively dealt with many regulatory matters in a wide variety of industries. We’re prepared to assess, inform, and advocate for you in this arena and will work with you to determine the best sequence of strategic decisions.

Some rules are policy-based while others are more legalistic and require involvement of an attorney. Several of our regulatory efforts have been jointly executed with a law firm, both with a client’s pre-existing law firm and where we have assisted the client in obtaining legal counsel in state.

This in-depth familiarity gives us the ability to couple experience with the knowledge of today’s governmental landscape to influence your success.

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The Michigan Legislature used to have greater influence over the rules process and its Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Lacking the power it once did, that powerful “last chance” committee requires companies to think differently about administrative rules in Michigan.

Case Study

MLC’s expertise in changing regulations and evolving issues positively affects an entire industry.

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