Influence Is The Difference

Capitol S Investments spent millions of dollars and numerous hours working to get approval for a condominium project in Ann Arbor. Despite making concessions and changes to the original project, they were unable to get approval from the local zoning board and city council.

The Challenge
Throughout the process, Capitol S Investments continually faced slowdowns and roadblocks, even after they met the zoning requirements laid out by the city. They were full of questions as to why barriers were put in place by local officials and continuously faced obstacles in getting answers on how to get their project approved.

The Solution
Capitol S Investments’ legal counsel contacted MLC to bring a political resource to the table. The firm responded by devising a plan to reach out to elected officials and local contacts to open the lines of communication for our client. This allowed them to speak directly with the decision makers, parallel to their lawyers and consultant’s efforts with the staff.

The Results
Through MLC’s advocacy and network of connections, we were able to reestablish lines of communication with the decision makers on the council in order for Capitol S Investments to obtain information about their project and for them to share information with council members prior to the vote. Our advocacy on their behalf helped get the project over the last hurdle and ensure they would be successful in receiving the necessary permit from the city.

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“MLC was able to help us better understand the local political landscape and open doors we didn’t previously have.”

– Iddo Schwartz,
Capital S Investments

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