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Five Things We’re Reading

Aug 13, 2019

Below are some of the articles that the MLC lobby team has been reading this past week. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we do.

This Food-Delivery Robot Wants to Share the Bike Lane – One company is hoping to revolutionize how food is delivered to consumers.

New Details Emerge About Saturn’s Rings, Which Are Disappearing at an Alarming Rate – How quickly will the rings be gone, and what does that mean for the planet?

A Harvard Psychologist Says People Judge You Based on 2 Criteria When They First Meet You – Of all the things that you could be judged on, this expert believes there are only two that quickly occur when meeting someone for the first time.

No more Cardboard Boxes? 3M Invents an Ingenious New Way to Ship Products – This new technology may be more efficient and reduces the excess waste that comes every time you buy something online.

Management Tip: If You’re Not Leading by Example, You’re Not Really Leading – People tend to emulate the actions of leaders, are your actions setting the right example?

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