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Protecting Roadway Fundraising (Updated)


Since the passage of House Bill 4160, Lions Clubs and other charitable organizations have once again been able to engage in roadway fundraising. As the top-fundraising activity for Lions Clubs, you are likely to see members collecting funds for many worthy charities in communities across Michigan.

The Challenge

Each year, the Lions of Michigan collects approximately $1 million in roadway funding that supports charities across the state, including Leader Dogs for the Blind, Michigan Eversight, Bear Lake Camp, and many other worthy causes. As this is their main fundraiser for the year, the Lions needed quick action to ensure they could continue their roadway charity drive. Furthermore, other interest groups were actively working to include language into the legislation that would have run contrary to the Lions’ goals and could have prohibited roadside fundraising in some, or all, local communities.

The Solution

MLC hit the ground running, moving quickly to develop and implement a strategic plan for the Lions. Working with Representative Shane Hernandez, MLC helped develop a legislative solution which led to the introduction of House Bill 4160. This proposal allowed our client, and other charitable organizations like the Lions of Michigan, to continue collecting contributions through roadway fundraising. We utilized local engagement by connecting local Lions Club members with their legislators to advocate on behalf of the legislation. Through on the ground advocacy and education, we were able to balance safety concerns with the importance of access by incorporating into the legislation several of the best practices the Lions of Michigan utilize including:

-Requiring all volunteers collecting donations to be 18 or older

-Requiring all volunteers collecting donations to wear reflective apparel

-Only permit fundraising efforts to occur during daylight hours

-Requiring volunteers collecting donations to be at a stop sign or a traffic signal where vehicles are stopped

-Require appropriate liability insurance to be carried by the charitable organization

The Results

House Bill 4160 was signed into law by Governor Snyder just 7 months after introduction and put the Lion of Michigan back in their community, raising much needed charity dollars to help others.  Despite several previously failed legislative efforts to change this law, MLC stepped in and quickly achieved success for the Lions of Michigan.

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“Through our extensive knowledge of the process and key relationships, MLC was able to quickly get the law changed to ensure the Lions could continue utilizing their most important fundraising campaign."
- Matt Sowash