Michigan Legislative Consultants
Changing Budget Bill Language for DBI

The Challenge
In 2011, a budget bill was introduced with language that would have limited the state’s ability to purchase furniture, a significant threat to DBI’s business. Other interested parties in the state influenced the initial language, purporting that limiting the state’s furniture purchasing ability would ensure taxpayers’ dollars were being spent appropriately. 

However, two major knowledge gaps were at play: first, a gap in education around DBI’s full scope of work with the state – which, beyond purchasing, encompassed design work, warehousing and recycling furniture – meant that legislators were unaware of the company’s broader value, and they were missing important context to correct the assumption. Second, and equally as important: DBI was unaware of the introduction of the budget bill language, putting the company at a substantial disadvantage to combat the bill. Through his deep connections at the Capitol, MLC procurement expert Tony Des Chenes learned of the budget language and alerted DBI to the situation. MLC then began work on DBI’s behalf to ensure the company’s ability to continue its work with the state.


The Solution
After identifying the adverse language within the bill, the MLC team quickly leveraged its relationships to facilitate meetings with legislative committee members to educate them on how the bill, in its then-current form, would have drastically hurt DBI’s business. These impacts would have come not only in the form of revenue losses but also would have had broader implications, including DBI team layoffs. With these facts in hand, MLC worked with the committees to neutralize the language so it would not affect DBI’s contract status.


The Results
As DBI became aware of this business-altering scenario mid-stream, it was imperative to work with a team that could drive results. Tony Des Chenes’ extensive understanding of the procurement and budget bill processes, in conjunction with his deep-seated relationships with committee chairs involved, allowed DBI to navigate a difficult situation quickly and effectively. 

The MLC team’s strategic guidance and action-oriented approach made the difference for DBI – and could make the difference for you. Let us know how we can help you address your challenges today.

“MLC worked with the committees to neutralize the language so it would not affect DBI’s contract status.”
- Tony Des Chenes