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Water Quality Legislation Introduced

Aug 23, 2019

A bipartisan legislative package was introduced this week aimed at improving the testing and reporting of water quality in Michigan. Aspects of the legislation include:

    • Requires periodic testing of water for lead at childcare facilities, colleges and universities, hospitals, nursing homes, and adult care facilities
    • The creation of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Commission to study environmental threats of lead poisoning to children’s health and to review and recommend improvements to the lead poisoning prevention program
    • A lead and copper analysis report would be required at least one year prior to any change in water source
    • Reforms the emergency manager law into a three-person financial management team and prevent it from changing a public drinking water source without public approval or from making changes affecting public welfare, health, or safety when cost is the primary factor
    • Grants the state auditor general the authority to access and examine electronically stored and confidential information
    • Requires lead service line disclosure statements in all rental contracts
    • Requires transparency in water utility ratemaking, billing, and shutoff practices

The bills were referred to the Senate Oversight Committee and the Senate Environmental Quality Committee.

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