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The Canadian Invasion That Never Was

Feb 06, 2019

The State of Michigan recently celebrated its 176th birthday.  As Michiganders we are very proud of the beauty, diversity, and accomplishments of the people of this great state.  Throughout the state’s history there have been changes that some would think happened for very logical reasons.,] For instance why is Lansing the state capital?  At this point you are saying, “look at a map,” it makes logical sense to have the state capital in the middle of the state.  Yes, but as you look at the history and growth of the state that may not have been the most logical decision. Also, could it have been moved for strategic reasons?

Lansing is not the largest city in the state and for all intents and purposes, Detroit is the economic engine of Michigan. In fact, Detroit was the original capital of Michigan for ten years.  However, in 1847, the state constitution required that the capital be moved to a more central and safer location in the interior of the state.  Apparently, there was concern with Detroit’s proximity to British-controlled Canada.  Yes, there was a fear that the Canadians would invade.  Canada was not a sovereign nation in 1847 but looking at it through our eyes today it is not likely that Canada will invade the United States and recapture Detroit. 

Both Detroit and Lansing have gone through many changes.  The original capitol building in Detroit was destroyed by a fire. Since that time the City of Detroit grew to be the symbol of the automobile and ingenuity, while Lansing has grown as the capital city.  The original capital site had just two buildings, while today the government takes up several city blocks and employs thousands of workers.  Both cities have served the citizens of this state, and the world, and we should be proud. And guess what; the Canadians have still not invaded.

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