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Task Force Presents to House Appropriations

Feb 07, 2020

Representative Mark Huizenga (R-Walker) presented to the House Appropriations Committee on the findings and recommendations of a task force reviewing IT projects in the state. As chair of the bipartisan Information Technology Task Force, Representative Huizenga reported the findings to the committee regarding the trend of overspending in IT projects by the state. “We wanted to dig into some of these issues to see if a service that taxpayers both fund and use were actually serviceable, or if we could do better,” said Huizenga. “We weren’t setting out to reinvent the wheel. We are looking to work with departments to set a new bar for efficiency for our state government’s IT systems going forward, using evidence-based information from our task force work.”

Representative Huizenga will soon offer one of five expected legislative proposals in accordance with the task force’s findings and recommendations. His plan would establish “clawback” provisions, which would call for money to be repaid or other penalties to be implemented if a contractor fails to deliver on contractual obligations related to project completion and performance. Legislation is also expected to address general oversight and transparency issues, as well as standardizing accounting practices, terminology, and management on IT projects throughout state departments.

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