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The Rising Use of Dashboards in Michigan

Oct 17, 2017

In 2011, Governor Rick Snyder signed the Economic Vitality and Incentive Program – known as EVIP – into law. It required local governments and schools to provide a performance review in order to qualify for funding.

That performance review – known as a dashboard – could be used to help citizens, educators and policymakers reach informed decisions. They measure Michigan's performance by providing a quick assessment of economic strength, health and education, value for money, government, quality of life, and public safety.

That law is no longer enforced, but many primary and secondary school districts have embraced the practice. Public universities began providing dashboards on October 1.

Check out the dashboard for Northern Michigan University, where you’ll find that graduate student enrollment and student retention has trended upward over the past three years.

The health and wellness dashboard shows improvement in the number of citizens seeking routine visits, dental exams and childhood immunizations.

The number of adult smokers and teen births is down.

In the infrastructure dashboard, you'll find that air service in and out of Michigan has increased, as well as the rail freight traffic. The number of home with access to broadband internet is also growing!

To learn more about the rising use of dashboards, check out midashboard.michigan.gov, where you'll find stats on every aspect of Michigan life.

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