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Republicans Have a Good Election Night

Nov 11, 2016

Tuesday’s General Election brought many surprises to several statewide elections.  In the House of Representatives, the partisan makeup will remain the same, after one incumbent Democratic Representative lost his seat because the party flipped a previously held Republican seat.  However, prior to the election, many pollsters and insiders had expected the Democratic caucus to gain seats, and many believed there was a chance they could win the majority in the chamber.  “The polls and election experts were incorrect in the presidential race as well as the outcome of Michigan’s State House elections with Republicans maintaining a 63-47 seat majority. Going forward it will be interesting to see how polling firms adjust their data analytics to better assess voters intentions at the polls,” said Matt Sowash of MLC.

Michigan’s Congressional delegation makeup will remain 9-5, with Republicans holding the majority.  In the 1st Congressional District, despite the seat being in the Democratic column as recently as 2010, Republican Jack Bergman won the district 55.32%-39.69%.  In the 8th Congressional District, some pundits felt as though Democratic candidate Suzanna Shkreli had a decent shot of unseating Congressman Mike Bishop.  However, Congressman Bishop kept his seat after garnering 56.04% of the vote, to Ms. Shkreli’s 39.18%.

Republicans also flipped two Democratic seats on the State Board of Education.  Most notably, they were able to unseat the current Board President, John Austin.  The partisan makeup on the board will now be a deadlocked 4-4.  The new members of the board include former State Representative Tom McMillin and Nikki Snyder.

In the State House there were a few very close elections; Darrin Camilleri (D) won the 23rd House District by only 320 votes and flipped the seat, and in the 62nd House District, incumbent Representative John Bizon (R) held onto his seat by only 209 votes.

To read our post-election blog post and our list of statewide election results, please click here.  Following the elections, the House Democratic and Republican caucuses elected their leadership teams for the 2017-2018 legislative term.  To read our blog posts detailing the new leadership, please click here for Republican leadership and here for Democratic leadership.

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