Michigan Legislative Consultants

Cami’s thorough knowledge of the legislative process includes bi-partisan, bi-cameral policy development, procedural maneuvering, and negotiating bill exchanges through the Legislature. She personally understands the navigation of bills through the legislative process and uses this knowledge to help you identify specific strategic paths. Using her knowledge and expertise, Cami gave a voice to transportation carriers and was instrumental in getting legislation passed to end the double taxation of gross receipts under the Michigan Business Tax – an accomplishment that equaled hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for our client.

Cami’s expertise has assisted clients in getting appointed to state boards and commissions relative to their interests. In addition, she has led client initiatives across industries including healthcare, energy, real estate, and education, among others.


Prior to her tenure at MLC, Cami worked in legislative leadership offices in both the state Senate and Michigan House of Representatives, serving in a legislative capacity for two Senate Majority Leaders and as Chief of Staff to a House Majority Floor Leader. Cami also served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Legislative Director for Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop and was the former manager of state government affairs and legislative analysis for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.


State Bar of Michigan, The Federalist Society, The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels


Cami holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Central Michigan University and a Juris Doctor from Michigan State University College of Law.

Outside the Office
As an avid runner who has completed several marathons, including an ultramarathon, there’s one thing that rings true about Cami’s work: discipline is at the core of everything she does.

Cami Pendell