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MLC Election Contest: The Modern Version of Coffeehouse Politics

Oct 10, 2018

We’ve all seen the news clips of candidates pressing the flesh at a coffee shop with voters.  Like barber shops used to be, coffee houses are a place where people gather to visit, solve the world’s problems, and have a cup of (usually) bad coffee.


The first campaign I managed, Bill Martin for State Representative in 1986, is where I too shared the political coffee house experience.  On election day, when there wasn’t much left to be done except expend nervous energy for 12 hours while voters determined Bill’s fate (he won), we started the morning hitting several coffee shops.  Gathered at each one, were the opinion leaders in their part of the community. Bill worked the tables, burned off some of that energy, and reminded them to vote before we moved on to the next one.

With another general election bearing down on us, this blog post puts a twist on the election day and coffee.

Below is the link to a ballot where you can answer some questions to project several election day outcomes.  The top three people who come closest to being correct win – you guessed it – coffee!  But not the bad coffee of your run-of-the-mill coffee shop, but the good stuff from Lansing’s Strange Matter Coffee.  Of all the Third Wave coffee houses in the area, Strange Matter was the first on the scene and it’s my personal favorite.  The owner has built a great business on the Eastside, helping to revitalize that side of town. The prizes are: a $50 gift card for first place, a $25 gift card for second place, and a $15 gift card for third place.  If you win and are someone who never travels to Lansing, we’ll try to locate a Third Wave coffee house near you that sells gift cards and substitute it for one from Strange Matter.

To enter the contest please visit: https://mlcmi.com/mlc-2018-election-contest/

The entry deadline is Monday, November 5th at 5pm eastern.  Let the voting begin!

Submission of a ballot grants permission to MLC to announce your name if you are one of the winners.

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