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Marijuana Legal Workgroup Formed

May 10, 2019

In order to review, analyze, discuss, and opine on laws and regulations concerning the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana in the state, Attorney General Dana Nessel has formed a workgroup. The goal is to ensure that the laws approved by voters in Michigan through two separate ballot proposals, and subsequent regulations, are clarified and improved when necessary to ensure that marijuana law in Michigan is implemented equally and appropriately.

Attorney General Nessel will chair the new workgroup, which will be housed within the Department of Attorney General. Members will include persons from different backgrounds, including some stakeholders in marijuana law and regulation. The workgroup will make recommendations to the legislature, law enforcement, the judiciary, prosecutors, defense attorneys, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, and others.

Attorney General Nessel selected the following individuals to serve on the workgroup:

    • Robert Baldori, Attorney at Law
    • Paul Bernier, City Attorney, City of Livonia
    • Andrew Brisbo, Executive Director, Marijuana Regulatory Agency
    • Margeaux Bruner, M.S., CSM; Political Director, Michigan Cannabis Industry Association; Member, Impaired Driving Safety Commission
    • Robyn B. Frankel, Assistant Attorney General
    • James R. Giddings, Former Circuit Judge, 30th Judicial Circuit Court
    • Daniel W. Grow, Member, State Bar of Michigan Marijuana Law Section
    • D/F/Lt. Chris Hawkins, Michigan State Police, Marijuana and Tobacco Investigation Section
    • Robert A. Hendricks, Chairperson, State Bar of Michigan Marijuana Law Section
    • Dale (DJ) Hilson, President, Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan / Prosecutor, Muskegon County
    • Barton W. Morris, Jr., Attorney at Law
    • John S. Pallas, Assistant Attorney General
    • Jonathan Sacks, Director, State Appellate Defender Office
    • Adam Sandoval, Deputy Director, Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
    • Kenneth Stecker, Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

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