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Legislation Introduced This Week

Mar 10, 2017

Below is a snapshot of some of the legislation that was introduced this week.

  • HB 4308 – Allows for preregistration at sixteen years’ old
  • HB 4312 – Makes changes to requirements for out-of-state attorneys wishing to practice in Michigan
  • HB 4314 – Requires popularly elected intermediate school boards
  • HB 4328 – Allows the use of a cell phone camera in a polling place to take a photo of yourself or your ballot
  • HB 4330 – Caps retirement premiums for former legislators at 80% of their entire monthly premium
  • HB 4334 – Prohibits local governments from creating sanctuary cities
  • SB 214 – Allows substitution of community service for driver responsibility fees
  • SB 216 – Requires presidential candidates to file their tax returns with the Secretary of State
  • SB 227 – Creates an environmental justice plan

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