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It’s Almost 2019, Is Your Business Ready?

Dec 12, 2018

We are in the home stretch of 2018 and you might be thinking to yourself, was this a good year or a bad year?  Don’t think about it, those days are behind you, it is time to look forward and see what the new year will bring.  As you look at your business, there are a few key areas to review that can help position your business to be successful in 2019.  Through experience I have identified a few areas that are consistent themes from year-to-year; diversify, improve, and grow. 

Diversify:  Look for new areas where your company can provide services. There is nothing wrong with doing something consistently, but you need to be prepared, nimble, and flexible in the ever-changing business environment.  You can also look for partners by examining the companies you have working relationships with and who provide a service or product your business does not. Examine how you can help each other in 2019. You could also potentially grow your current contract by looking for additional or products that may benefit your customer.  You may still need to go through the bid process, however, it shows your commitment.

Improve:  This is a given,every business needs to look at ways to improve.  For example, if you have an existing contract with the state or other businesses, even if it is going well, look for new ways to improve the services you deliver.  Ask your customer questions, look through your contract, and explore every avenue to improve in 2019.

Grow:  Continue to build on what you have. If you are focused on one market, for instance, state government, branch out and look at local government opportunities or higher education institutions.  These markets are sometimes easier to navigate because of the size and flexibility in their procurement processes.

Heading into 2019, when you look at your procurement and business opportunities, look at these three areas as a base to build upon. The new year brings excitement and a new beginning, take advantage of it and good luck.

If you have any questions on how MLC can help your business before, during, or after the procurement process, please feel free to contact me at 517.372.2560 or tony@mlcmi.com.

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