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Governor Issues Executive Directive on PFAS Response

Oct 05, 2018

This week, Governor Rick Snyder issued an Executive Directive to develop a readiness plan to manage expedited responses when PFAS contamination is discovered. It also encourages coordination between state and local agencies in response to nationally emerging PFAS contamination. PFAS contamination has been moving to the forefront of environmental issues facing Michigan and Governor Snyder has been working to bring attention and find solutions to the emerging problem. PFAS is a group of man-made chemicals that can be found in items such as cleaning products, fire-fighting foams, polishes, nonstick products, and much more. The chemicals can build up in a body over time and cause health related issues such as cancer and can negatively affect the immune system. The chemicals can get into drinking water and soil, causing further negative effects to people.

Under the directive:

  • The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), in conjunction with the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) and the Department of Health and Human Services, and working with local units of government, will establish the minimum requirements of a local PFAS readiness plan, taking into consideration the successful response strategies used in the past.
  • The director of DEQ will develop and implement an access program to establish eligibility criteria, make funding decisions, and oversee the management of the funding established in PA 201 of 2017, which provided appropriations for PFAS remediation and response.
  • State departments and agencies will provide full support, coordination, and participation in developing the readiness plan, including developing partnerships with other levels of government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations.

Effective immediately, MPART will coordinate the implementation of the directive.

To read Executive Directive 2018-5, please click here.

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