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Governor Approves Changes to Campaign Finance Act

Jan 08, 2016

This week Governor Rick Snyder signed into law a bill reforming aspects of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.  Prior to final passage, the bill saw significant changes on the last day of session leading to confusion amongst members on the content and repercussions of the new language.  Since that time, members of both parties called on the Governor to veto the bill.  However, despite the controversy and confusion, Governor Snyder authorized final approval.  To address concerns raised by local governments, he called on the legislature to pass legislation that would provide clarity to the intent of the language within the law.  The biggest concerns expressed are with language they believe would prohibit local governments, schools, and libraries sixty days prior to an election from providing factual information on ballot proposals.  The law also retained the original language from the bill allowing for businesses to collect both member dues and contributions to a political action committee via one check.  It also removes the requirement that an employee must annually approve the automatic deduction from their check for the above mentioned purposes.

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