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New Senate Majority Floor Leader Announced

Nov 13, 2020

Senator Dan Lauwers (R-Brockway) will serve as the next Senate Majority Floor Leader. He currently serves as the assistant floor leader and will move into his new role following when current Majority Floor Leader Senator Peter MacGregor (R-Rockford) resigns at the end of the year. Senator MacGregor was elected Kent County Treasurer earlier this month […]

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A Lame, Lame Duck?

Nov 12, 2020

Every two years the legislature meets after Thanksgiving for the notorious lame duck legislative session. Historians believe the term lame duck was first used in 1863 in the Congressional Globe to define broken down politicians. It more commonly refers to legislative session after an election, but before the newly elected members take office. Over the […]

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Senate to Have Two Open Seats

Nov 06, 2020

Following this week’s general election, the Senate will be short two members after they both won local elections. Senator Peter Lucido (R-Shelby Township) won his election for Macomb County prosecutor and Senator Peter MacGregor (R-Rockford) won his election for Kent County Treasurer. Once the two Senators take their new offices, the Senate, and the Republican […]

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Senate Announces Coalition to Assist Businesses

Mar 20, 2020

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake) announced the Senate is leading a coalition to address business needs as they deal with the economic impact of the coronavirus, led by Senator Ken Horn (R-Frankenmuth). The goal of the coalition is to organize an approach of immediate recovery needs and long-term sustainable changes for the next time […]

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Divided We Stand

Apr 10, 2019

After the November election, many pundits wrote story after story about the downfalls of divided government.  Currently, our national politics is the posterchild of how divided government can go wrong and that gave us little hope here in Michigan about what to expect heading into a divided state government.  With the Democratic governor looking to […]

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Senate Announces Committee Membership

Jan 18, 2019

Last Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake) and Senate Democratic Leader Jim Ananich (D-Flint) announced committee membership for the 2019-2020 legislative term. Standing Committees: Advice and Consent—Senator Lucido (Chair), Senator LaSata (Vice Chair), Senator Nesbitt, Senator McBroom, Senator Hertel Agriculture–Senator Daley (Chair), Senator Victory (Vice Chair), Senator Lauwers, Senator Ananich (Minority Vice Chair), Senator […]

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Senate Majority Leader Announces Committee Chairs

Jan 04, 2019

This week, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake) announced committee chairs and appropriations subcommittee chairs. This year there is a new committee devoted to advice and consent of gubernatorial appointments, in addition to a few changes of previous committees, such as the Education Committee will now also work on career readiness. Standing Committee Chairs Advice […]

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Legislature to Kick Off the New Year on January 9

Dec 21, 2018

On January 9th at noon, the Michigan House of Representatives will hold their first session day for the 2019-2020 legislative term. Recently, Majority Floor Leader-elect Triston Cole (R-Mancelona) released the session schedule for the full upcoming year. The House is scheduled to hold their typical Tuesday – Thursday session schedule except for the month of July and August, where they will hold one day each month. Additionally, there […]

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