Michigan Legislative Consultants

A Lame, Lame Duck?

Nov 12, 2020

Every two years the legislature meets after Thanksgiving for the notorious lame duck legislative session. Historians believe the term lame duck was first used in 1863 in the Congressional Globe to define broken down politicians. It more commonly refers to legislative session after an election, but before the newly elected members take office. Over the […]

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Resolution Reforming Lame Duck Introduced

Jun 21, 2019

In a change to current law, one legislator is seeking to reform the voting process during lame-duck. Introduced by Representative Lori Stone (D-Warren), House Joint Resolution L, would increase the threshold for passing legislation from the current simple majority to a two-thirds majority for any piece of legislation introduced during lame duck. Every two years, […]

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Proposal Ending Lame Duck Sessions Introduced

Feb 01, 2019

Representative Gary Howell (R-North Branch) has proposed a constitutional amendment to eliminate sessions known as “lame duck.” Specifically, it would eliminate legislative sessions from extending past Election Day, during the months of November and December. The constitutional amendment would require the Legislature to adjourn on the Friday before the November election during even-numbered years. The […]

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