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Attorney General Intervenes in Utility Rate Increase Cases

Jul 12, 2019

This week, Attorney General Dana Nessel announced her plans to intervene in four utility rate cases. Currently, three providers have filed with the Michigan Public Service Commission to increase their residential consumers’ rates and a fourth is anticipated to also request a rate increase. The Attorney General citied protecting ratepayers as her reason for intervening […]

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House and Senate File Lawsuit Challenging Attorney General Opinion

Jun 07, 2019

This week, the Michigan House and Senate filed two lawsuits against Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson for refusing to follow the 2018 petition initiative law that Attorney General Dana Nessel declared unconstitutional through an official opinion. The 2018 law, passed by the legislature and approved by former Governor Rick Snyder, required that not more than […]

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Attorney General Opinion States Signature Collection Reforms Unconstitutional

May 24, 2019

In her most recent opinion, Attorney General Dana Nessel determined that portions of Public Act 608 of 2018, which made changes to laws governing signature collections, is unconstitutional. Passed at the end of the last session, the reforms were controversial throughout the process. After taking office, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson requested an opinion on […]

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Marijuana Legal Workgroup Formed

May 10, 2019

In order to review, analyze, discuss, and opine on laws and regulations concerning the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana in the state, Attorney General Dana Nessel has formed a workgroup. The goal is to ensure that the laws approved by voters in Michigan through two separate ballot proposals, and subsequent regulations, are clarified and […]

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Attorney General Announces New Fraud Unit

Apr 26, 2019

Attorney General Dana Nessel has established a unit devoted to investigating claims of payroll fraud or misclassification. The Payroll Fraud Enforcement Unit will work with other departments and agencies to investigate and take appropriate actions under existing law when warranted. According to the Attorney General, the unit is meant to crack down on companies that […]

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Attorney General Launches Unit Addressing Wrongful Convictions

Apr 12, 2019

Attorney General Dana Nessel launched a new Conviction Integrity Unit to investigate credible claims of innocence. Housed within the department’s Criminal Appellate Division, the new unit will be led by Robyn B. Frankel, who has been a practicing attorney for more than 30 years and has expertise in trial and appellate court proceedings in both […]

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Elder Abuse Task Force Formed

Mar 29, 2019

As the number of elder abuse victims continues to rise, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Michigan Supreme Court Justices banded together to create a task force to tackle the problem. More than 30 different organizations including law enforcement, state agencies, the Michigan House, Senate and Congressional delegation, and advocacy groups have committee to being […]

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Hate Crimes Unit Launched

Mar 15, 2019

Hate crimes will be investigated and prosecuted by a new unit, housed within the Criminal Division of the Department of Attorney General.  In her announcement, Attorney General Dana Nessel urged members of the public and other law enforcement agencies to contact the Hate Crimes Unit if they have knowledge of, or are a victim of, […]

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