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The 2020 Census: Why It Matters

Jul 10, 2019

I recently had a meeting with leaders from a local community to talk through their priorities.  At the top of their list, the 2020 Census.  It didn’t surprise me, but I remember thinking this should be a top priority for the entire state.  Since that meeting, I have seen a number of newspaper articles highlighting […]

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House Moves Budgets Forward

Jun 14, 2019

Moving forward in the process, this week the House passed several budgets for the upcoming 2019-2020 Fiscal Year. Aspects of the budgets include: 1% increase to community colleges 7% increase to universities 4% increase to K-12 funding Per-pupil funding increase of $90-$180 An additional $81.3 million in constitutional revenue sharing, meant to off-set the reduced […]

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Slight Changes to Previous Revenue Estimates Announced

May 17, 2019

While crafting the upcoming fiscal year budget, the House and Senate will have a slightly increased amount of money to appropriate, according to updated economic estimates. This news comes as a result of the biannual Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference that was held today in Lansing. Today’s conference is a follow-up to January’s conference, where updated […]

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Committees Reports Budget Bills

May 03, 2019

This week both the Senate and House Appropriations Committees and Subcommittees reported several bills for the upcoming fiscal year to the full Senate and House floors for consideration. Key points of the Senate budgets include: K-12 foundation allowance increase between $135-$270 per pupil Constitutional revenue sharing would increase by $51.2 million An additional investment of […]

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State Budget Move Forward Without Governor’s Gas Tax Increase

Apr 26, 2019

The Senate Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee reported their budget this week without including Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s proposed 45-cent gas tax increase. In order to fund repairs to roads and bridges, the subcommittee instead fully implemented the road funding plan passed in 2015 one year earlier than is required under the law. The proposed appropriation totals $600 […]

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The Lotto Pays for Education, Right?

Mar 27, 2019

From time to time you hear Michiganders remark, “why do we need to spend more money on schools and education, doesn’t the lotto pay for that?” Much like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, this is one of Michigan’s biggest budget myths. The Michigan lotto was first authorized by a constitutional amendment in 1972 and […]

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Governor Calls for Increased Fuel Tax, Education Spending

Mar 05, 2019

Roads and education would see a large boost in funding under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive budget recommendations. Speaking before a joint hearing of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, she focused on improving public education, closing the skills gap, helping businesses find talent, ensuring clean drinking water, and fixing the roads. Pointing to the stagnant […]

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Michigan Economic Outlook and Revenue Projections Unveiled

Jan 11, 2019

Today, the biannual Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference was held in Lansing. The conference included House and Senate members, the directors of the House Fiscal Agency and the Senate Fiscal Agency, State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks, and State Budget Director Chris Kolb.  After hearing testimony from the Research Seminar on Quantitative Economics at the University of Michigan, […]

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