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Bid Presentation: This could be Fun!

Mar 14, 2018

Occasionally, you will see this in a Request for Proposal (RFP), “Mandatory Oral Presentation”, sending you, and your RFP team, into a panic.  First, public speaking, even in small groups can be intimidating.  Second, you have a million questions; who will be there to evaluate and listen, who from the team should present, and what are they looking for from a presentation?  If you follow these points, you will find that participating in an oral presentation can be beneficial and believe it or not fun.

The most important part of any project, especially when preparing for an oral presentation, is its organization.  This sounds like common sense; however, you would be surprised at what you may not know about your team or your bid response when thrust into an oral presentation.  These key points in preparing for an oral presentation will keep you organized and on task:

  • Gather the right team members
  • Identify a lead from the team
  • Be prepared
  • Be streamlined

Day of the Presentation:

  • Have a pre-meeting with your team
  • Arrive early to set up and to make sure there are no technology problems
  • Always dress professionally
  • Leave a one-pager for the audience that summarizes your presentation

Follow-up:  Be sure to have something to follow-up with the audience.

Good Luck!

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