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Appropriation Subcommittees Report Budgets

Apr 13, 2018

This week, some of the House and Senate Appropriation Subcommittees reported their budget recommendations for the upcoming 2018-2019 Fiscal Year. The budgets now move onto the full Appropriation Committees for consideration. “The House and Senate budgets do have items of differences between each other, and the administration. Those will be worked out later in the process after both chambers have voted on the budgets and they head to conference committee,” explained Rudy Hobbs of MLC.

Below are highlights of the budgets, as reported by the subcommittees:


  • Increased per-pupil funding from $120 to $140
  • $100 million to career & talent investment in K-12 schools
  • $5 million for medical school loan repayment to doctors who practice in underserved areas for two-years
  • $75 million to fund Governor Snyder’s “Marshall Plan for Talent,” which is $25 million less than he requested
  • An additional $8.2 million to train 359 new corrections officers
  • A General Fund increase of $24.1 million to the Healthy Michigan Plan
  • Reduced the increase to higher education operations from the governor’s proposed 2% to 1%


  • $14.3 million for campus safety programs at public universities
  • Total higher education spending would be $21.2 million more than the governor’s recommendations
  • Tuition restraint for public universities would be capped at 3.8%
  • A 1% funding increase for community colleges
  • Cities, Villages, and Townships would get an additional 1% funding increase
  • The budget for Talent and Economic Development would be $27.9 million less General Funds than Governor Snyder recommended
  • $700,000 for costs associated with juvenile life without parole cases following the Supreme Court’s decision in 2012

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